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abstract painting, acrylic on canvas, interior decoration, contemporary art, art for interior, painting for home

Kamil & Magda

"Color is a force that

"directly affects the soul"

- Wassily Kandinsky

Welcome, we are a married couple who share a common passion, although each of them interprets it differently  


Kamil - a color enthusiast, looking for innovative solutions to express his vision of the world. If you are looking for an interior design element that will enliven the room and give it a unique look, please take a look at his paintings. Each of them is unique. You can be sure that there will not be another identical one. He doesn't like templates, patterns and repetition. He wants to convey freedom in his paintings. Invite a piece of this freedom into your world.


Magda - a minimalist who creates structural paintings on canvas or board. She likes bright colors or strong combinations of 2-3 colors.


They are both like fire and water, but sharing a similar vision of the world.


We invite you to purchase our products that can introduce the energy of colors into your home, apartment or company, enlivening the interior and adding modernity and taste to it, or quite the opposite, calming down the interior and giving the residents solace. .

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