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Very structural, with the addition of metallic paints to work with light and shadow. It looks best when additionally illuminated.

In this modern living room painting "Colors of Passion", a symphony of vivid colors dances across the canvas, evoking a sensual feast for the soul. Swirls of scarlet, sapphire and emerald collide in a kaleidoscope of intensity, and each brushstroke pulsates with raw emotion.

The crazy energy of the composition reflects the turbulent journey of passion, from fiery heat to peace. Bold contrasts and intricate layers encourage viewers to immerse themselves in a world where passion knows no limits. With each glance, the painting reveals new depth, reflecting the complexity and dynamics of human desires. “Colors of Passion” is an ode to the spirited essence of life itself.

Colors of passion, modern painting for the living room, 60x80 cm

SKU: 22
  • Shipping in Poland: 1) small paintings (size up to 60x80 cm) - PLN 25 courier delivery 2) large paintings (dimensions over 60x80 cm) - PLN 55 courier delivery International delivery - PLN 150 Paintings marked - personal pickup only, Warsaw - is on display at Caffe Grano - you can buy them and send them there

  • If you need more photos of the painting or cannot imagine it in your interior - write to us. We will be happy to prepare a visualization for you or send more photos. Go to the contact form.

    Remember that each of our paintings can be hung both vertically and horizontally, depending on your preferences.

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